4 Quick Tips for Improving Your Facebook Business Page

4 Quick Tips for Improving Your Facebook Business Page

As of December 2015, there were 1.04 billion daily active users on Facebook. Although this social media tool started as a way for college students to connect, the platform has grown tremendously. Whether you love or hate Facebook, depending on what product or service you offer, it may be a smart tool to connect with your audience.  (Note that this is not a pitch for Facebook. I would actually encourage you to find out where your audience is hanging out in the digital space and speak to them there…That may or may not be on Facebook.)

If you have a Facebook business page or are looking to create one, there are some basic things to keep in mind in order to be successful. Below, check out 4 quick tips on improving your Facebook business page!


Establish a plan.

First decide what are your goals in having a Facebook page. Answer the following questions. Who do you want to reach? What will you share? When is the best time to share? Then, consider how will you get them off Facebook to engage with your brand in your space (join newsletter, read blog, visit brick & mortar location, make an online purchase, etc.).

Grab your username!

When you create a Facebook page, you will be assigned a weird text and number combination. While people can still find you if they search for your company’s name, it’s easier to simply use a vanity URL—which you can do after 25 likes. From a branding standpoint, it’s so much more professional to use your name and it’s easy to remember! If your name is taken, don’t worry; you can always use something similar. Also, if your name changes later, Facebook will allow you to edit the name one time.

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Post content that connects with your target audience.

Finding the perfect mix of content and the right times to post will not happen overnight. Additionally, Facebook does severely limit what your audience can see (this means a small percentage of your audience will see your posts) unless you pay for advertisements. Nonetheless, they are ways to stretch your reach as much as possible. Three ways to stretch your reach include:

1) Share your posts to your personal Facebook page. While this may be a more general audience, there may be someone who hasn’t subscribed to your page who is interested in the content, who may check out the post.

2) Tag relevant pages in your post. If you are sharing content from a magazine or maybe you took a photo with someone who has a page, tag him or her! I often share quotes from entrepreneurs. If they have a Facebook page, I tag them. Sometimes they repost or leave a comment, which leads to beautiful engagement.

3) Drive traffic to your Facebook page from other channels you are using such as Twitter or LinkedIn. Share the link to images that are being published to your page or conversations that are taking place in the comments so your audience on other channels can land on the page and check it out. For example, if a post has sparked an interesting discussion on your page, tweet what’s taking place and lead your Twitter audience to the Facebook conversation.

Reflect on what works and keep doing it.

Facebook provides an “Insights” section for each business page. In this area you can view what posts did well by viewing the number of people it reached and learn who really engaged with your content by clicking on the post or reacting to it via a like, comment, and/or share. Each week take a moment to view this section and see what content is working well for you. Also, pay close attention to the time of the day you posted it, in case that may be a factor.


In this post I shared 4 quick tips on improving your Facebook business page. Is there any advice you would add to this list? What’s worked well for you? Leave a comment below or tweet me your thoughts to @bestrategicPR.

Wishing you all the best, Business Rock Stars!

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