Social Media Manager (freelancer job alert)

social media

Our client is currently seeking a social media rock star who is ready to work on an amazing brand that is oozing inspiration and positivity! This social media manager will lead the awesome assignment of managing content across all of our client’s social media platforms.

Reporting to the Brand Strategist, the social media manager is responsible for staying on task with brand strategy and goals; creatively using content across multiple channels (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, MailChimp); completely managing the email newsletter; and effectively launching & maintaining innovative digital marketing programs.

This social media manager will build a meaningful relationship with a growing audience who should experience a consistent voice and positive tone across each platform.

What are the core duties/responsibilities?

-Create and implement editorial calendar
-Build community of relevant and targeted influencers
-Provide daily execution of social media and community management (content to be shared will include blog posts, videos, live tweeting at events, product/purchase information)
-Develop innovative social media tactics to keep brand fresh and connected
-Provide weekly report that details impact, reach, and results

What are the desired skills and experience?

-3+ years of dedicated social experience at an agency or with an established brand
-Previous experience with designing social media strategies and implementing social media marketing programs
-Currently have active accounts across social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. (Accounts that you have created and maintained will need to be provided.)
-Passion for building community online and creating strong virtual connections
-Strong graphic design skills and ability to create graphics that are clean and professional
-Beyond excellent written and verbal communication skills
-Great interpersonal skills
-Knowledge of online tracking and monitoring tools and ability to search and find relevant & key content within social media
-An optimistic team player who can be flexible and accountable

How much is the pay?

Proposals will be accepted. Please send proposals and questions to