3 Ways to Capitalize on Your Momentum


Recently, I was hanging out with a few entrepreneurs and we began to talk about the power of building one’s brand at the right time. I don’t know if it happens organically or if people purposefully talk to me about branding 😉, but however it happens, they know as a brand strategist, I will probably have an opinion. During this particular conversation, we began to talk about well-known movers and shakers who are currently making smart choices for their brand and one of them said, “You really have to capitalize on your momentum.” In reflecting on our exchange, I want to share 3 ways to capitalize on your momentum.

Let’s begin with defining what capitalizing on your momentum means. What I mean by that is that we often are doing great things such as volunteering as a leader at a local non-profit or we may be making positive moves in our respective industry—and our work is getting the attention of others. But no matter the situation, the question is: ‘how are we setting the foundation for the next scene in our movie or the next chapter in our lives?’

Essentially, think about what you want to do next in your journey and how can you leverage what you are doing right now for that moment when things shift forward. For example, if you are a popular hairstylist, whose salon suite has some of your city’s flyest local celebrities and VIPs in your chair, and your next big goal is to travel the world as a freelance hairstylist for movies and photo shoots, think about ways to create a pathway to this future goal. Now is the time to think about it.

Check out these 3 ways to capitalize on your momentum.

1. Build your network.

Start to build your network of people whose business or work relationship is worth keeping along the way. Make sure you always have their current contact info in your database. If there are ways that you can help them while you are in your current position, extend a hand and help them. One of my mentors had no idea that she would one day become an entrepreneur. However, while she was in one of the top positions at her company—which involved her building a lot of relationships with the community—she often helped people out just because. To this day, so many people (who are BIG names now) still remember her name and will do anything for her because she was very giving during her time at this company.

2. Keep people informed with what you are doing.

While some people don’t like to brag about themselves, others have no problems keeping people posted about what they are doing. It can be weird to always talk about what you are doing, but what I find is that the people who can appear to be the most obnoxious… often finish first. I’m not encouraging you to be o b n o x i o u s, more encouraging you to find a rhythm that works for you to let others know about the cool and exciting projects you are involved in. This could easily be done through social media channels. You never know who knows who and could share your story with someone who may be able to help you one day. If you actually work at someone else’s company or volunteer for someone’s organization, don’t get so lost in their brand that you never take a moment to let people know who you are, outside of their brand.

3. Capture special moments in real time.

Keep a record of your current successes. If you are featured in the media, receive an award, or someone gives you an amazing recommendation, keep track of it. It’s so much better to record newsworthy moments in real time instead of trying to figure out what happened a year later. I often work on materials such as media kits and bios for my clients. For those of them who haven’t properly recorded their accolades, it takes extra time in their schedule to dig up all of the cool things they did in their past. Don’t know where to begin? Start with a private show & tell book or an online folder where you store those special moments for future reference.

I hope these tips propel you to take advantage of this moment you are in right now, so that your tomorrow will benefit from your today.

Wishing you all the best, Business Rock Stars!

Be strategic!

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photo with text credit: markus spiske via photopin cc