How Entrepreneurs Can Stay on the Right Track and FOCUS

Do you feel like there is so much that you want to do, but you don’t know how to focus? So many times I meet with my clients and they feel overwhelmed. They just don’t know where to begin as it relates to balancing all of the things they want to accomplish. The truth is that there is no perfect method to staying focused in your entrepreneurial journey; however, there are several things we can all do more of, to stay on the right track. Below are 5 things you can do to begin to help you stay focused.

1. Know what is important.

A key step in training yourself to focus is to have a clear understanding of what is important and what value do specific projects or tasks bring to your business life or brand. Begin by creating a list of goals and things you want to accomplish this year. Identify when you want to complete them, which ideas will drive revenue to your business, and what is the cause and effect of each idea. Then prioritize this list and map out a realistic timeline to begin each goal. Remember not to plan or try to do everything at once.

An example scenario is this:
A freelance makeup artist may say, “I have a goal to be a traveling makeup artist that is the top choice for brides and female movers and shakers whose lifestyle requires that they look fly at all times. Because I need to introduce myself and my work to my target audience, I will begin a weekly YouTube beauty show in September, which caters to my audience with tips, advice, and makeovers. In August I will do research, assemble my team, plan the shows, and promote the series. In September the first show will air. This idea has the potential to drive revenue to my business because I will include my contact info in each video, integrate a cute commercial, and commit to heavy promotion.”

2. Create a routine.

Sometimes we work better when we have a schedule to look forward to each week. Although things may change, it is helpful to have those weekly and reoccurring action items planned for specific days of each week. An example may be that on Mondays you work on new business pitches, every Tuesday you post your weekly blog, on Wednesdays you participate in your favorite social media tweet chat, on Thursdays you have a weekly team meeting with your staff or key vendors, and Fridays you take care of any small business accounting tasks.

3. Don’t try to do it all.

As I mentioned in a recent post, every entrepreneur needs a dream team or community of people who work on their behalf to help bring their dream to life. Many small business owners launch their businesses and they must do everything themselves because sometimes that’s all they can afford. As your business grows, hire or partner with people who will help you work more efficiently.

4. Give your ideas a chance.

This is a tad bit tricky…On one hand you must know when to let ideas go and on the other hand you must know when to give your ideas a chance. An example is this: you may have a clothing boutique and you want to launch a weekly social media fashion show. Perhaps it’s fashion at noon on every Friday. As I write this post I’m thinking about how cool that idea is… fashionistas, go ahead and use it. 🙂

So what happens if you begin doing it and it seems like no one is watching, liking, or commenting? Week 8 rolls around and you are ready to quit because you don’t see an immediate impact. Don’t quit. Reassess the logistics if you need to, but don’t quit. Someone is watching and while it seems to be crickets out there, perfect your idea during this beginning stage. How can it be even more perfect? Maybe you could…involve local VIPs or celebrities (you have access to) to participate as models or a host. The key is to be consistent and truly give this idea a chance before you run to invest in a new marketing idea that takes time, money, and commitment.

5. Be willing to disconnect.

It’s easy to turn on the television or our technology gadgets and get lost in the noise. As soon as you turn them on, you are immediately sucked into your favorite TV program or keeping up with others on Facebook or Instagram. After a few hours you look up and wonder where your day went. As a brand strategist, I help my clients build their brands and believe that social media is important; however, you must know when to disconnect. When it becomes a distraction and takes away from your priorities, you must be willing to hit the off button. If you become easily distracted with this type of noise, incorporate TV time or social media time into your schedule—so you have a specific time to enjoy the noise…and then shut it off.

Let’s get focused!  Wishing you all the best, Business Rock Stars!

Be strategic!

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