“Designs by Ruth Quiñones, Inc.” Is Now “Be Strategic PR, Inc.”

“Designs by Ruth Quiñones, Inc.” Is Now “Be Strategic PR, Inc.”


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I am excited to announce that my company has a new name. Designs by Ruth Quiñones, Inc. is now Be Strategic PR, Inc.TM.


As many of you know, my tagline has been “Be strategic!” for a long time now. Many social media connections and clients have been so accustomed to it that they often call out the tagline to me when they see me in public, enthusiastically saying, “Rebecca… brands need to be strategic!”

Over the years the focus of my business began to evolve. Originally, many of the projects that I took on involved in-house creative design and content development. However, my main focus with clients now is helping them build a clear brand strategy and from there we implement strategic ideas that will help them reach their goals. Our company works with key partners for elements such as web design, graphic design, etc.

In addition to the “designs” part of the name, I purposefully integrated “Ruth Quinones,” a pseudonym or variation of my name, into the business name. I did this because at the time I started my company I was a part-time entrepreneur and I wanted to have a distinct identity from the corporate work I was doing.

Nonetheless, as Designs by Ruth Quiñones, Inc. began to shape into the brand it was supposed to be, it didn’t make sense to use this name any longer and I didn’t want to cause confusion. Thus, as a brand strategist, I had to follow my own advice and be strategic…immediately.

what’s next

Moving forward I will be phasing out Designs by Ruth Quiñones, Inc. as my company name. We had an amazing run, but it’s time to propel my brand to the next level with Be Strategic PR, Inc.TM!

Whether you are a faithful social media connection or one of the cool brands my company has been blessed to work with, thank you for supporting me in my journey and helping my small business continue to reach for excellence.

Wishing you all the best, Business Rock Stars!

Be strategic!