My 3 Favorite Apps As An Entrepreneur On The Go


What most people don’t know is that entrepreneurship is a full-time job. Although you set your own schedule, it does not mean it’s any less work than a traditional nine to five. I find myself working harder for myself than anyone else. My boss (me) requires a lot out of me. 🙂

It’s especially helpful to have apps that can help me do my job on the go. Of all the apps that I’m using, below are my top three (free) apps that I’m currently using on my Android. They have provided my small business life with extraordinary convenience.

1. SIGNificant
When I need to sign PDF documents such as agreements or complete fillable forms, this is my go-to app. I like the idea of not having to register in order to use it and that there are no ads. As soon as you install it, you can use it right away. Once you add a signature or add text, you can email it directly to the appropriate person.

2. Dropbox
The first time I learned about Dropbox was from a photographer. After that experience, I knew that this was the app for me. I had assisted in the coordination of a special branding and beauty workshop for a client and the next day the photographer sent me the link to view the photos. This is a virtual share drive that lets people easily store/ access files such as photos, documents and videos for use with family, friends, or in my case vendors and clients. Your first 2 GB are free.

3. #Square
I use social media and believe that it is a great way to connect with other entrepreneurs and build relationships with prospects. One of the channels that I like to use is Instagram. When I take photos on my phone, if I want the entire image area to be shown (uncropped), I upload to #Square to make it the perfect size and then I easily export to Instagram.

If you are currently looking for an app to virtually assist you with your business needs, I encourage you to look at ratings and comments from users. Also, if an app isn’t working for you, uninstall it and try something new. Don’t waist energy on an app that is more a nuisance than a convenience.

Wishing you all the best, business rock stars!

Be strategic! 

What apps help you be more productive in your work life? Leave a comment below or tweet them to me at @bestrategicPR.


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