Don’t let your desire for PERFECTION become PROCRASTINATION!

procrastinationThe theme of this blog post has been on my mind for a while now, so I’m glad to finally release it. Over the past year I’ve watched clients (as well as myself to be completely honest) who are hesitant to launch a marketing or PR idea because they want everything to be perfect. Nonetheless, for reasons such as a limited budget, they wait on the “right” time; but it never arrives.

The problem with waiting on the “right” time is that sometimes the “right” time is now. An example may be that you have a new business and you want to launch a fancy website. However, the cost to produce this fancy website is not exactly in your marketing budget. So, should you launch your business with no site or overspend on a dream site? I would recommend start with a simple site that achieves your main purpose and then create your dream site (with all the aesthetic bells and whistles) once you can afford it.

Of course I encourage clients to be strategic and take time to think about what exactly they want to do and the audience they want to reach. Nevertheless, don’t take a year to launch that cool idea that you feel in your bones because you want everything to be perfect. I have watched many brands wait for the perfect time, only to have a competitor (who started simple) get their name out there and quickly become successful while my client is still in the same position a year later.

Sometimes you wait and wait and you miss out on opportunities that have your name on it. Is there an idea you are holding on to, that the world needs to experience? How can you make it happen? Don’t let your desire for PERFECTION become PROCRASTINATION!

Wishing you all the best, Business Rock Stars!

Be strategic! 

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