What Is A Pop-up Event? Event Marketing Tips Inspired By My COVERGIRL Pop-up Experience!

COVERGIRL Pop-up EventA pop-up event is when someone takes advantage of an untraditional space to promote his or her product, service, artwork, music, etc. in an unexpected way. Sometimes the event may last for a few months or simply a few hours. The key is to surprise people by offering an exciting atmosphere that will inspire them to talk about the event to family and friends (word of mouth).

This month I attended the “#EasyBreezySummer Pop-Up Experience” hosted by COVERGIRL (CG). It was a temporary pop-up event that took place on a Friday afternoon during Lollapalooza weekend in a downtown Chicago parking lot.

Below are 4 pop-up event tips, inspired by my recent CG experience that you can consider for your small business.

1) Transform the space. The purpose of a pop-up event is to show up and show out. Showcase your brand in an unforgettable way for attendees. At the CG event, the theme was easy breezy summer. Thus, the elements inside the tent screamed sexy, fun, and Miami. There were green plants everywhere, a red carpet, signage, mirrors, and white sunglasses for attendees to wear.

COVERGIRL Pop-up Event activation

2) Pick the right time and the right location. The CG Chicago event was only one of nine stops on the “Easy Breezy Block Party Bus” tour, which travels across the country to various cities during weekends that strategically align with regional music and pop culture events. The Chicago event was just a few blocks away from Lollapalooza, but even if it wasn’t, the location was in the heart of busy downtown. It also started at noon, which seemed to draw a lot of the professional female lunch crowd.

3) Bring your brand to life. Think of creative ways to demonstrate your products or services. The CG event included free manicure and makeup applications and product sampling. Digital conversation about the experience was also encouraged through the event hashtag (#easybreezysummer); the photobomb booth, which inserted attendees into photos with a CG spokeswoman of their choice and then emailed the photo to them; and finally the manicam, which captured hands as they walked the runway and then uploaded the short video to the Vine and tweeted the link to the attendee.

COVERGIRL CHICAGO event4) Staff your event with fabulous brand ambassadors. Make sure that your event is equipped with enough staff members to accommodate the number of people that will be at your event. Long lines aren’t fun, even if you are offering free items. Prepare the team with information about the brand (copy points) so they can confidently and accurately speak about your products and/or services. Additionally, have each team member wear some type of uniform with the brand name or logo.

Keeping these four tips in mind will help you be strategic if you create a pop-up event for your brand.

Wishing you all the best, Business Rock Stars!

Be strategic! 

Have you produced a pop-up event before? What unique things did you do to make it a memorable event? Leave a comment below or tweet them to me at @bestrategicPR.



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