3 Tips for Beauty Professionals Who Want to Build Their Brand

This post is dedicated to hairstylists, makeup artists, nail technicians/artists, estheticians, and other beauty industry professionals who would like to begin to build their brand. If you are a beauty professional working at a salon, spa, or store, they may have rules on what you can or cannot do to promote your services. Thus, it is always wise to double-check what is or isn’t acceptable.

beautyI receive a lot of inquiries from beauty professionals who are interested in building their brand. During our conversations, I remind them that they are entrepreneurs and they should be taking strategic steps to build their brand. The advantage of working in the beauty industry (like several other professions) is that your work is visual, which is helpful when you are building your brand. You have many opportunities to showcase your strengths and talents via powerful images and videos.

Below are three suggestions to help you begin to build your brand.

1. Know who you are and what are your best offerings. If you are a makeup artist, are you great at working with a glamour team at photo shoots or do you love doing makeup for brides and special events? If you are a hairstylist, does your training and skills reflect mastery in cuts and color or are you known for the most beautiful and natural looking weaves? Take some time to reflect and then make a list. Capture what you do best; what type of feedback your customers give you; and what you personally enjoy doing most in your respective profession. This will be helpful as you try to attract customers. Being specific about who you are and what you offer helps your brand stay in its rightful lane, where as being too broad or saying you do everything can attract the wrong customers, and does not highlight what you do best.

2. Build your portfolio. After taking the first step, you should not only have an idea of what you want to be known for, but also what type of clients you want to attract. In thinking about this, it’s important to speak directly to this customer through channels such as your portfolio, which you can display online via your salon’s website or through your social media channels. While it would be nice to schedule a photo shoot and take professional photos of your work, it is not always realistic. So take your own photos using a high-resolution camera on your phone. A lot of beauty professionals use StyleSeat as a cool way to book appointments online, showcase their work, highlight comments from clients, and integrate their social media platforms, which leads us to the next step.

3. Use social media. Set-up at least one social media account that you can commit to using on a regular basis. If you choose to have multiple accounts that connect, be cautious that you still have a unique identity across each platform; don’t just let it be an impersonal feed republishing content. Also, if you do connect accounts, don’t say the name of the platform in your messages, like ‘hey, Facebook’ as that will look weird on Twitter.

Ideal channels of communication are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you start to vlog (video blogging) or make promotional videos, creating a video account on YouTube and/or Vimeo would be valuable. Key reminders to keep in mind include:

  • Use social media on a consistent basis.
  • Post photos of your salon or suite space; before & after hairstyles; haircuts; hair colors; makeovers; nail artistry; eyebrow arching; skin treatments; etc.
  • On Twitter and Instagram use popular hashtags that include key services and the city where you work.
  • Ask customers who are using social media to check-in via Facebook and/or apps like Foursquare when they arrive to your salon/shop/suite.
  • Ask social media savvy customers to leave a positive tip, recommendation, or review on social media sites that you are using.
  • Also ask customers to follow and interact with you on your social media channels.

These tips are just the beginning to building your brand. Wishing you all the best, Business Rock Stars!

Be strategic!

Are you a beauty professional that has been successful at building your brand? What tips would you add to the list? Leave a comment below or tweet them to me at @bestrategicPR.




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