Small Biz Interview with Sara Nickleberry, Social Media Consultant & CEO of “Simply Social LLC”

It seems like it was just yesterday when social media was unchartered territory and companies were hesitant to include it in their advertising and marketing plans. However, times have changed and smart businesses realize the value in this platform.

This summer I had the pleasure of interviewing Sara Nickleberry, Founder and CEO of Simply Social LLC, a consulting business that assists entrepreneurs and small businesses with establishing a strong social media presence.Sara Nickleberry

In addition to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs excel in the digital space, Sara is also the owner of a full service online travel agency. This successful businesswoman has been self-employed since 1998, after taking an entrepreneurial leap of faith in pursuit of limitless financial and creative freedom.

Check out the interview below:

REBECCA: What has been your #1 lesson in starting a small business?

SARA: There are no secrets to success. You have to put the work in and work hard. The difference between you and someone else is that they quit. As the quote goes, “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”

REBECCA: Some small business owners don’t realize the value in social media, what advice would you give a small business owner who hasn’t joined the social media world?

SARA: It’s where your potential customers are. People are on social media. You may not be there, but your competition is and you don’t want to give them that advantage.

REBECCA: Some of our readers are parents. As a mompreneur, how do you create a work/life balance?

SARA: It is important not to lose myself in my role as a business owner or as a mother. As moms, we do a disservice if we don’t make time for ourselves.


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