Bringing Your Vision to Life in 2012…Get Ready to Make it Happen!

On a daily basis I meet someone who has a clear vision of where they want their career or brand to be, but are a little fuzzy on how to get there. This post is dedicated to those individuals who need an idea on where to start. Here are my top 4 recommendations to begin the journey to bring your vision to life in 2012.


Whenever I begin working with a client, I ask them to close their eyes and tell me to describe their vision. I want to know every detail they see and feel, down to what their consumer or audience looks like. Go to a quiet place in your home or office and write down or type your idea and be specific. For example, ‘I will be an entertainment publicist that specializes in working with indie (independent) pop artists.’

Next build a vision board. You can create a physical board with tools such as magazines or scrapbook type materials or you can create a board on the computer. Use images and words that truly capture your idea.

While working at an advertising agency, I was presented with a huge opportunity to expand my career and work for a major media publication. I will never forget the advice my friend gave me while I was anxiously going through the interview process. She told me to get a copy of the media publication and write my name and “future” title in the masthead. So I created a label and placed it in the masthead and looked at it everyday. I imagined myself in this role. It seemed strange but also made sense. How can you see something without really seeing it—without having faith?!

I’ll ask you to do the same. Find a way to physically see your vision. If your vision is to be the entertainment publicist who works with indie pop artists, write your bio or create your business card for your future marketing materials. In your bio or card, incorporate your title, what you do, and list your clients (imagine your ideal indie pop artist clients). Also create a network of people (family and friends) who support your vision. If there are people who don’t support it, don’t discuss your vision with them.

A mentor is one of the most valuable people you can have on your journey. Find someone who has expertise that would be valuable as you bring your dream to life. Believe it or not, it may not be someone in your exact field. An entertainment publicist might find a mentor in a lawyer or a talent agent. The goal with a mentor is to have someone who you can speak with about challenges they met on their journey to success. If you are unable to physically get a mentor, adopt your ideal mentor. Choose someone you would like to learn from and well, do just that. Study their career. Read their interviews and learn their story. Leverage the internet to research them and take notes!

One of the most important steps is to prepare and plan for this vision. You never know when you might get the opportunity to network with the right individual or get the funding you need, so you must be ready, confident, and well versed in how your vision will materialize. What are the necessary steps it will take to make your dream happen? Build a business plan or have someone create a business plan that explicitly details your path to success. Should you be saving money or building relationships now, that will help you in the future?

Finally, invest in your idea. Take classes, read books, and become knowledgeable about this world you will be entering. These steps will allow you to create a strong foundation as you boldly claim your future.

Are you ready to bring your VISION to life? Make it happen!

Be strategic! 

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